Week 8: Exposure Planning cont.

What do I think I’ll need? iPad iPad kiosk mount for desk or wall Screen Business Card Holder What I need to do before Exposure? Make Business Cards Get Business Cards printed Source Business Card holder Source holder for triage – NFC card Make presentation video on loop Make iPad video of kiosk on loopContinue reading “Week 8: Exposure Planning cont.”

Week 8 Class: Report Writing

PWC – Internships and Graduate positions talk to Ant VCD Design Research Studio Report – 1500 Words a useful document that tells the story of your project when you are not present core deliverable for 22.454 and 222.455 provides text-based content for Exposure and other presentations, Best Awards etc. Persuasively details your research through designContinue reading “Week 8 Class: Report Writing”

Week 8: Presentation video ideas

See your real-time waiting time and check your most recent updates. And view all your information at a glance Available on Android NFC smartphones via Google Play, the Notify Mobile app is the perfect companion to your Notify card. Once you receive your Notify card from the healthcare staff, simply hold the card to the NFCContinue reading “Week 8: Presentation video ideas”

Week 8: Smartcard Technology – NFC, RFID

With the addition of a NFC tag reader in the new Apple iOS 14 update released on the 16th of September allows majority of patients with a smartphone to also receive personal information on their individual devices as well as the kiosk. Smartcards: A contactless smart card is characterized as follows: Dimensions are normally credit card size.Continue reading “Week 8: Smartcard Technology – NFC, RFID”

Week 8: The Big Idea discussed

_____ is utilised to perform queuing analysis at urgent care clinics with the aim of improving patient service, with particular reference to reducing the perceived queuing time and creating a transparency of information between healthcare staff and patients. The _____ card is a contactless electronic queue management card used to provide information to patients inContinue reading “Week 8: The Big Idea discussed”

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