Week 11: Digital Signage

After considering using signage as part of my design system I did some research and managed to find a concept similar to what I might look at doing. https://www.novisign.com/solutions/healthcare/waiting-room-digital-signage/ Another article from https://www.screenfluence.com/blog/2018/06/19/the-use-of-waiting-room-digital-signage-and-the-effect-on-perceived-wait-times/ wrote: Many signage companies help promote their services through targeting different community sectors. Here Speedy Signs promote why signs are great forContinue reading “Week 11: Digital Signage”

Week 11: Workshop 2 – Central Proposition tweak with Karl

People are just as scared of social/mind things as physical Often in a hospital/healthcare environment you don’t want new things, you want tried and true Small things that change the whole thing, french word dètournement What is the design issue? Design can take good design which is cold and humanise it which makes it warm.Continue reading “Week 11: Workshop 2 – Central Proposition tweak with Karl”

Week 11: Where to go from here?

Research more into Triage, how it works Find precedents of works that provide accessible transparency of systems eg. Airports – the user is able to access information about flights being delayed etc. Write Proposal Create infographic/poster/motion graphic/video Design presentation Questions to look at: How do we reset children? Instead of focusing on pain how canContinue reading “Week 11: Where to go from here?”

Week 11: Precedent – eGate

eGate is an automated way to get through passport control. The self-use terminals significantly speeds up the processing of arriving travellers by using facial recognition to match the traveller with the image printed in their passport, eliminating the need to come face-to-face with border officials. eGate uses biometrics to match the picture of your faceContinue reading “Week 11: Precedent – eGate”

Week 11: Adjusting Central Proposition

Human centred design within an after-hours healthcare clinic facilitates a more positive and calming waiting experience for parents and their children when they are uncertain of how long they may be sitting in a waiting room. How can user centred design within an after hours healthcare clinic facilitate a more positive and calming waiting experienceContinue reading “Week 11: Adjusting Central Proposition”

Week 11: Precedent – Disney Queues

A powerful technique that Disney exemplifies is managing people’s expectations for the wait. Disney often gives estimates for how long someone might spend standing in line for its amusements, and these wait times are almost always overestimated, according to Larson’s research (qtd in Washington Post). Even if the wait time is extensive people are pleasantlyContinue reading “Week 11: Precedent – Disney Queues”

Week 11: Andre Rants – Abstract Workshop

Mural Workshop to develop Abstract: https://app.mural.co/t/wellingtonschoolofdesign8673/m/wellingtonschoolofdesign8673/1591150862865/a747b28809f9424ed198757743660cfdd647d4b5 Not an introduction Don’t need to reference in  Teaser the reader to keep reading – big facts Waiting rooms are already a stressful environment and don’t need to be more stressful Don’t go over 500 words Poster – iteration of last one, not just all research but also resultsContinue reading “Week 11: Andre Rants – Abstract Workshop”

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