Week 12: Precedent – eTriage

eTriage is a digital triage solution for NHS Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres developed in the United Kingdom. eTriage was designed to perform automatic check-in and triage patients upon arrival to a urgent care clinic. eTriage speeds up the streaming process, identifying sick patients earlier and reducing the wait time. This is an approachContinue reading “Week 12: Precedent – eTriage”

Week 12: Abstract Presentation

Feedback from Peers: Humanising science this project Humanising the waiting room imagery, creating connection between reader and health provider What is design’s role? Extract the design issue or design topic out of my topic Design can educate Exploring this through the waiting room ED What is the design challenge? How can design comfort? How canContinue reading “Week 12: Abstract Presentation”

Week 12: Just exploring

https://www.georgekhut.com/ the mobile mood lab – 2017 Mobile exhibition for The Big Anxiety festival of art, science and mental health. The Mobile Mood Lab was a mobile immersive installation, presented a converted hospital patient transport vehicle. Visitors entering the Mood Lab bus experience a version of The Heart Library Project – resting on their backsContinue reading “Week 12: Just exploring”

Week 12: Chat with Lee

“I am essentially looking at a case study of the power of human centred design. I’m looking at the theory of triage and how it’s applied in an urgent care waiting room and how through design the triage system can be made transparent and accessible to the patient and subconsciously influence their perception of waitContinue reading “Week 12: Chat with Lee”

Week 12: Andre Rants – Abstract Presentation

Design question leads to central proposition Proposal should show journey of this semester Write a good abstract you want to get feedback for 500 word count limit for abstract, no less than 250 approx Don’t have to share your screen, get them to download from google drive folder Have subheadings Figures (fig.1.) If you citeContinue reading “Week 12: Andre Rants – Abstract Presentation”

Proposal Plan

What to include: Facts why is it a problem? Don’t make a stressful situation more stressful Relevant to all people Perceived Wait Time vs Actual Wait Time Wait Time correlates with Patient Satisfaction Waiting room environment – stressors (colour, light, nature etc.) Triage nurse choices What keeps children entertained Precedents – Starship, Restaurants What amContinue reading “Proposal Plan”

Week 12: Precedent – Cinapsis

Cinapsis is an innovative integrated communication platform that enables hospitals to provide specialist advice to local GPs to improve care and reduce unnecessary referrals (Cinapsis). Cinapsis SmartReferrals reduces face-to-face appointments by 70% through advice & guidance and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS trust, in the UK, has reduced unnecessary referrals to A&E by up to 83% sinceContinue reading “Week 12: Precedent – Cinapsis”

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