Week 13: Insights from Interview with Craig Fleury

My answers from Craig gave me great insight into what I could look into but also challenged my ideas that I already had about how this project could move forward. He referenced ideas about privacy, confidentiality and personality types. In terms of spaces for different people in a waiting room he responded “It would beContinue reading “Week 13: Insights from Interview with Craig Fleury”

Week 13: Insights from Questionnaire

It is clear that everyone who has attended an urgent care clinic felt frustrated, bored or impatient during their experience as well as the majority being in pain. – From reading: Waiting is an anguishing doubt and uncertainty that is isolating, distressing and frustrating.” (qtd. in Bournes and Mitchell 58). “What is the most mostContinue reading “Week 13: Insights from Questionnaire”

Week 13: Questionnaire Preparation: Questions

To gather insight one of my research methods was a questionnaire. This was aimed at everyday people about their personal experience with waiting rooms and the uncertainty of the urgent care experience. I made this to give an insight into the realities of waiting rooms for those that may have to wait for hours beforeContinue reading “Week 13: Questionnaire Preparation: Questions”

Week 13: Interview Preparation: Questions

I have sent these questions to 3 people in the healthcare service that I know. What is your role/past role in relation to healthcare? specifically emergency-related if you have experience in that. What have you learnt by working with people in a stressful environment when people can be at their most vulnerable? What do youContinue reading “Week 13: Interview Preparation: Questions”

Week 13: Auto-Ethnographic Research? An unfortunate episode

Yesterday on Monday of Week 13, my mum was rushed to the Palmerston North Emergency Department at 2:30am. Despite the panic and uncertainty was a great excuse for me to see the Emergency Department first hand, take notes and some photos. Even though my focus audience isn’t the intense environment of the emergency department inContinue reading “Week 13: Auto-Ethnographic Research? An unfortunate episode”

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